CICA-ICAC - Communauté internationale des commissaires des arts de la scène - International community of performing arts curators


These 37 papers below were written for the occasion of “Envisioning the Practice: Montreal International Symposium on Performing Arts Curation” held in Canada from April 10-13, 2014. The authors have reworked their papers for the proceedings, and many of them will be included in a forthcoming book. We are pleased to have this opportunity to make them publicly available to others interested in the field.

These symposium papers include a wide range of emerging and seasoned artists, arts scholars, curators, managers, presenters and producers sharing a diverse range of international and discipline-specific viewpoints from the fields of dance, theatre, music, performance art, digital arts, interdisciplinary practices, community-based arts, and other performance-related fields. These texts add to the new and growing literature on performing arts curation, and also offer a view of influences merging and bridging from the more established curatorial field in the visual arts.

Enjoy! And please contribute your constructive, generative responses, questions, concerns on the online forum, located here.

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© 2014 Association of Curators of the Arts of Québec/ACAQ (now: International community of performing arts curators/CICA-ICAC). Each author retains the copyright to his or her paper. No part of the proceedings may be used without written permission.

Please note : The papers are offered either in French or in English, the language in which they were written.


1. What Can Contemporary Art Perform? And then Transgress?
Emelie Chhangur, Art Gallery of York University (AGYU)

2. Curatorial practices as counter-spaces: the expansion of a field
Elisa Ricci

3. Noticing the Feedback: A Proposal to the Contemporary Dance Field, and/or This Revolution Will Be Crowdsourced
By Michèle Steinwald, Independent Curator and Dance Producer

4. “Cognitive Dissonance” and Performative Diversity in Spoken Word Performance and Curation
David Bateman, PhD

5. Entretien de Lynda Gaudreau autour du commissariat en performance
Lynda Gaudreau, artiste de la chorégraphie

6. Perverse Curating
Jacob Wren, Co-artistic director of PME-ART

7. Performing arts curating in South Africa : Context and possibilities in Rostrum roulette festival
Ofonime Inyang Department of Drama and Film, Tshwane University of Technology,

8. The Public Program as a Performative Curatorial Act: Audience engagement, experimental pedagogy and performance in self-initiated art institutions in the Middle East and North Africa
Valerio Del Baglivo, independent curtator & doctoral canadidate at Middlesex University

9. Las política y estéticas de la curaduría del performance en Puerto Rico: de la práctica al discurso/ “The Politics and Aesthetics of Curating Performance in Puerto Rico: From Practice to Discourse”
Awilda Rodríguez Lora & Marielys Burgos Meléndez

10. Le travail du commissaire-musicien d’après la notion de « scénario de concert »
Marie-Hélène Breault, Post doctorante à Matralab/Université Concordia/FRQSC

11. Curating Performances in Public Spaces: The SensoriuM presents Hunter, Gatherer, Purveyor
Natalie Doonan

12. Food=Need: Constraints, Reflexivity and Community Performance
Pam Patterson, OCAD University & WIAprojects, CWSE, OISE University of Toronto

13. Curating Audiovisual Performances in London, UK
Oli Sorenson, Concordia, Interdisciplinary Humanities Doctoral Program

14. Rehearsing Collectivity: Choreography Beyond Dance
Elena Basteri, Emanuele Guidi, Elisa Ricci (GbR Berlin – Gesellschaft bürgerlischen Rechts / LA SOCIETÀ SEMPLICE)

15. Pseudo-, Anti-, and Total Dance: on Curating an Experimental Dance Series
SALTA Collective

16. Reflections on Equity in Curatorial Discourse and Dance Presenting
Naomi M. Jackson, Arizona State University

17. Precarious prestige. Curator as a producer of culture in Europe after the year 1989
Marta Keil, performing arts curator, PhD candidate, Warsaw, Poland

18. Curating Difference: The Body and Identity in Contemporary Curatorial Practices
Helen Simard—PhD Student, Étude et pratique des arts, UQAM

19. Re-enact History? Performing the Archive!
Julia Kurz, curator and educator, Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig/ Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig, Germany

20. Performance Patina: Notes from a Lecture on Curating the Material Traces of Live Events
Abigail Sebaly, Walker Art Center

21. How to be when we see: Social codes, spatial domestication, and the performance of viewing
Sky Fairchild-Waller & Cara Spooner

22. Curating Performance on the Edge of the Art Museum
Judith Schwarzbart

23. The city, the community, the contemporaneity. 'Malta – the Idioms' as a proposal for a programme strategy of a festival of applied ideas
Katarzyna Tórz, PhD candidate, third year, The Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IS PAN), Warsaw, Poland; Malta Festival Poznań programme coordinator

24. “Curatorial Approaches to Site Specific Performance, Action and Participatory Intervention in the Public Realm”
Beyond Commemoration - “Hit and Run” at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin.
Dovrat Meron (Allemagne/Germany, Isrëal/Israel)

25. Context as a new work through UK-based Forest Fringe
Deborah Pearson, PhD candidate and Reid Scholar at Royal Holloway, writer, live artist, founder and co-director of Forest Fringe

26. L’in situ, l’implication communautaire et la mobilité : stratégies pour le commissariat et la création de performances participatives
Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte

27. Site Specific Theatre Curation: An Italian case study
Kiara Pipino, MFA, Theater Director, Artistic Director of Festival Internazionale Valle Christi (Italy), Teacher at Grand Valley State University (Michigan)

28. Appel aux arts mitoyens
Jean-Paul Rathier

29. Are you not entertained? Curating Performance within the Institution
Rie Hovmann Rasmussen

30. L’œuvre du commissariat : histoires et expériences de l’événement chez Tino Sehgal.
Véronique Hudon – doctorante à l’UQAM (Québec)

31. The Tempo of Things: Reconsidering Exhibitions as Performances in Modern Art Museums
Erin McCurdy, Ryerson University and York University

32. Commissaire en art de la scène au Québec, un militantisme
Sylvie Lachance, Codirectrice artistique avec Jacob Wren du groupe interdisciplinaire montréalais PME-ART et ex-commissaire en arts de la scène

33. Collective Creation and Improvised Curation: A Discussion with the Body Slam
Gregory Selinger, Helen Simard, Roger White, Xavier Laporte, Victoria Mackenzie, and Claudia Chan Tak: Body Slam Improv Collective

34. Call for new ways of curating performing arts, / case study
Jonna Strandberg, MA, performing arts producer, critic, writer and curator

35. What we talk about when we talk about curating the ‘unexpected’
Syreeta McFadden

36. L'ESPACE URBAIN EST UN UNIVERS DE RÉCITS : fragments narratifs du paysage olfactif montréalais / THE URBAN SPACE IS A WORLD OF STORIES: narrative fragments of the Montreal smellscape
Natalie B, chercheuse indépendante / independent researcher, ADUQ, ADIQ, MIRAC M.Sc.A. Aménagement (UdM), B.A. Design de l'environnement / architecture (UQÀM / University of Strathclyde)

37. ARC.HIVE of Contemporary Arab Performing Arts: Memory, Catastrophe, Resistance and Oblivion
Adham Hafez