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Artists & Performances

Symposium Artists in Residence :

Body Slam will participate in the Envisioning the Practice symposium as Artists in Residence. This means that all ideas proposed during the symposium will be up for grabs! In their Sunday afternoon performance, this interdisciplinary group will offer an interactive, structured and embodied improvisation based on ideas -- cultivated, echoed, examined, contrasted, interrupted, borrowed -- from the sessions and performances.


Thursday April 10

L'Agora / UQAM symposium

Agora Hydro-Québec, pavillon Cœur des sciences UQAM
175, avenue du Président-Kennedy
Montréal (Québec) H2X3P2
(Métro Place-des-Arts)

TD: Jean-François Bernier

Welcoming Reception

Oli Sorenson offers an impromptu audiovisual performance that combines urban soundscapes, rock and pop loops with low-fi videos to produce a unique ambience that also supports the performances of Pop-Up Poets (NYC) and Salta Dance Collective (Los Angeles).




Festival d'Images

L'Usine - C
1345, avenue Lalonde
Montréal (QC) H2L 5A9

Time 9:30pm

Please write to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by April 8 to reserve $20 tickets.

Bistro info:


'Moving in this World' The absorption of psychoactive substances, initiation rituals, spiritual experiences and the state of ecstasy all alter consciousness. This performance was created through explorations based on observations of how human beings behave when under the influence of mind-altering substances or in a trance state.

Moving in this World attempts to open a window onto the visions and landscapes of the world in which the individual in trance exists. The spectator is taken on a sensory journey into hallucinations and altered universes that are evoked through dance, music and images.

For the second time in five years, Sarah Williams and Marie Brassard join forces to create a hybrid performance, between dance and theatre. This time they are accompanied by video artist Sabrina Rattéand composer/musician Jackie Gallant.


Part of the piece was developed during a residency in TanzFabrik Potsdam. The performance was created during a creation residency at Usine C
The show has been produced with support from the Canadian Art Council and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.


Friday April 11
Studio 303
372 Ste-Catherine West, Montreal QC, H3B 1A2

8:30 PM

Price: 10 $ to 20 $ sliding scale


Re-interpreting, remixing or covering are rhetorical conventions in some performing art forms such as music or theatre where the same raw material can be radically re-shaped by a new director, musician or conductor. What happens if we apply the same principle to dance?
Studio 303's REMIX project presents two original short works alongside their remixed versions.

Choreographers Nancy Gloutnez and Stephanie Fromentin have offered existing works to remixer-interdisciplinary artists Adam Kinner and Sarah Bronsard respectively, who will freely remix with structure, pacing, order, intention, etc…




Saturday April 12
S.A.T./Société Des Arts Technologiques
1201, boul Saint-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2X 2S6

Performances in the Satosphère

8:30 – 10 PM

Enjoy an evening of social conviviality (the bar at the food lab will stay open!) with conversation before and after film showings in the famed immersive dome experience at the SAT. Lie on the ground on big, comfy cushions and enjoy 360 degrees of surrounding visual and audio effects. These four, striking films (duration: 40 min) from the visual and performing arts include:

Including :

by Sebastian Hilgetag and Marie Havemann

LISTEN CAREFULLY is an award-winning fulldome film short that deals with the main topics of inspiration: “What Inspires you?”It’s a mix of fashion, lifestyle, typography and illustration with a dark sound-design.

Producer: Sebastian Hilgetag _Potsdam University of Applied Sciences _Viciousonic
Director: Marie Havemann Sebastian Hilgetag
Writer: Sebastian Hilgetag
Original narration by: Marie Havemann
WINNER - Dissolving Space Award / Fulldome Festival 2012
WINNER - Audience Award / Fulldome Festival 2012

This non-budget project (which happens to be a student work) shows a cooperation between Sebastian Hilgetag and Marie Havemann orchestrating and visualizing the words of Bruce Mau's "Incomplete Manifesto for Growth".

Photography: Sebastian Hilgetag
Music: "below your eyes" (Marie Havemann)
Lyrics: Bruce Mau
Recording and mixing by Viciousonic

by Sandra Harnisch-Lacey

THE SUBLIME is a dynamic fulldome dance film featuring site-specific live captured sequences of parkour and break-dance shot within the natural & urban spaces of Wales.

THE SUBLIME is part of the fulldome dance trilogy Submergence.

Producer: Urban Reaction Research Lab Coreo Cymru
Director: Sandra Harnisch-Lacey
Writer: Harnisch-Lacey Dance Theatre Urban Reaction Research Lab

by Sönke Hahn

breakFAST is a modern film noir. The short movie is a combination of real footage and drawn 3D backgrounds. The short tells the story of a tragic hero. A beautiful femme fatale orders our hero to get breakfast rolls. As fate wants it, there are no more rolls to get in the nearby bakery. The Hero desperatly thinking he is too late notices that the last customer is about to leave the store - carrying a bread bag. The hero snatches the bag away from ist former owner. A wild chase by bike is going start... It is made of a realfootage (blue box) and drawings, the compositing was done in After Effects, all elements were arrangend in a 3D space.

The movie was part of a Master student project (Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany) to compare the aesthetics and narration of traditional media to the fulldome medium. So the same story was implemented in two movies: one in 16:9 and the other version in fulldome. The results were discussed on a talk in 2012 (Kiel, Germany) and were part of a publication in 2013 (Kiel/Marburg, Germany). But the movies are not referring on each other, they stand alone.

by Christian Morisette & Alexandre Lanthier

produced and directed by: Christian Morissette
Music and sound design: Alexandre Lanthier
Editing and Animation: Christian Morissette et Maxime Lortie ENVOL


Sunday April 13
L'Agora / UQAM symposium

Agora Hydro-Québec, pavillon Cœur des sciences UQAM
175, avenue du Président-Kennedy
Montréal (Québec) H2X3P2
(Métro Place-des-Arts)

TD: Jean-François Bernier

Closing Presentations
Choice of one, in diverse spaces
2:40 - 3:40pm

Participative walk outdoors
Theater of the olfactory memory
Natalie B (Quebec)

Participative performance
"Artist/curator - are we talking about the same thing?"
Cathy Gordon with Ame Henderson, Heidi Strauss, Kathleen Smith (Toronto)

Performance: dance, spoken word, music
The Body Slam Collective (Quebec)


Sunday Evening performance

beginning at 8:00pm

A collaboration sparked by ACAQ:

Poetry Crawl with the Pop Up Poets (USA) in collaboration with Wired on Word (Montreal) (bilingual)
David Bateman
Regie Cabico
Ian Ferrier
Jane Gabriels
Fabrice Koffy
Maude Payette
Pop Up Poets: Samantha Thornhill, Jon Sands, Syreeta McFadden and Elana Bell



PopUp Poetry Walking Tour


Meet at Casa del Popolo

4873 St-Laurent (nearest subway Laurier, nearest corner boul. St-Joseph and boul. St-Laurent)

This is one of the neighbourhood’s classic venues for new music AND literature. They’ve sponsored our poetry and music shows once a month here since they opened 14 years ago. They’ve also been the place of choice for new music and alternative bands from across the country.


Parc Lahaie (center circle) or if it rains,

stairs of the Church of Saint-Enfant Jesus

NE corner St-Laurent and St-Joseph

Montreal is a city of churches. The Roman Catholic church—once the most powerful voice in the culture, has been largely abandoned over the last 50 years. Most are now vacant most of the time. This basement of this one is the host for Expozine, the neighbourhood’s annual Zine and alternative culture fair, one of the largest in the country.

8:45 PM

passing Wilenski’s – stopping at Fairmount Bagel Bakery

(a fresh bagel for anyone who wants one!)

NE Corner rue Clark and rue Fairmount

These two places are both fixtures from the immigrant history of this city. Thanks to one of our great writers, Mordecai Richler, they’re also one of the most documented and valued parts of that history. I used to have an office above Wilensky’s in the mid 1980s. There I also met the man whose father began the bagel bakery on this street. They had closed the business and sold the building, but 15 years later the son came back and noticed it was for sale again. With a bit of poking around he discovered that no one had bothered to demolish the original ovens where the bagels were made. He broke down a plaster wall and there they were, buried behind it, in excellent condition. So he opened the business again, and it has been here ever since. Now his son and daughter own the business, which is open 24 hours a day and fills the shop with the massive amounts of bagels they ship to other locations.

9:10 PM

ATM Machine lobby – Royal Bank

351 Laurier Ave. W. (Laurier and ave.du Parc)

Time permitting, and if they don’t lock this up tight, we will do poetry here for the gods behind the security cameras of the largest bank in Canada.

9:30PM (our last stop)

Café Resonance 5175a Park Avenue (corner Fairmount)

Admission is $8

This place was opened by two young jazz musicians a couple of years back and has been an amazing resource for the music scene ever since. A week before this conference we will have presented two nights of the Mile End Poets’ Festival here.

On this night the café is home to the KalmUnity Vibe Collective, an improv project that’s been happening in Montreal for the last ten years. While music is the core of the project, it began with poets as feature performers, and it still invites poets to participate from time to time.

Free admission to all poets participating on the walking tour

(compliments of the Mile End Poets’ Festival)


PARTY!!! with KalmUnity Vibe Collective


This event was created in collaboration with Wired on Words which received funding from Canada Council on the Arts