CICA-ICAC - Communauté internationale des commissaires des arts de la scène - International community of performing arts curators



The book project commences!

We are now working on a substantial book project to create a first extensive anthology of texts drawing on the presentations at the international symposium in addition to invited authors. There will be a French and English edition, envisioned by a committee of two Francophone and two anglophone editors.

Translation project


Because of the high cost of translation, we are initiating an « adopt-a-text » call throughout the ICAC-CIAC community to those who are sufficiently bilingual to translate a written text from one language to the other.

Please write to us if you are interested in participating! It’s another way to help develop our international community.

Editorial Committee :
Dena Davida
Jane Gabriels
Veronique Hudon
Marc Provonost

Consultant: Helen Simard